De La Vega Business Park, a solid office campus that looks to the future.

A well-established office complex of over 23.000 sqm consisting of four high-performance buildings built in 2000 and recently renovated to offer companies a tremendously inspiring, flexible, efficient and prestigious LEED® Gold certified workspace.

Reduction of costs

De La Vega Business Park offers a significant reduction in energy use, as well as in waste and CO2 emissions.

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Wellness inside and out

Individualised control of temperature, humidity and lighting, as well as generating less light pollution and heat emissions to the outside.

The buildings

Interior lighting

From the car park to the top floor: The entire complex uses high-efficiency LED lights.


Water efficiency

The park makes great savings in water consumption in toilets, it has a grey water recovery system, landscaping with low water requirements…

Comfort and productivity

Natural light, panoramic views, clean air, stable temperature, optimal ventilation… comfortable workspaces that promote environmental hygiene and boost productivity.


Promoting sustainable transport

In addition to its proximity to bus and metro, the campus has electric bicycles for rent.